Every child should be able to play sports


Every child should be able to play sports!! That’s the goal of the Dutch Youth Sporting Charity (Jeugdsportfonds). This charity helps children of whom the parents cannot afford the membership of sporting clubs. A well needed charity, f.e. in 2014 nearly 39.000 memberships were awarded in the Netherlands.

A great number, but with your support the charity can increase this number and thus give many more children the opportunity to play sports.

How can you contribute, quite simple….just donate your euro coins (or even bills) at the money-box at the info booth in Hall 1. Or, donate your old softball/baseball gear at the info booth. Your old gear will bring much joy to children who cannot afford their own.

For more information about the charity please visit their (Dutch) website:  http://www.jeugdsportfonds.nl/

For questions, please email to thecupnl@gmail.com

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