General Info


Hotel Info

The Cup has made arrangements with the Novotel for Cup participants and fans.The Novotel is located just across the street from The Margriethal. In only 5 minutes walking from the playingfields to your room! For information about special Cup rates, directions and a streetview map check the Hotel Page.

Cup Clinic

On the thursday night before the Cup, the Cup Clinic will be held. For more information and registration go to the clinic page.

Dutch Staff 2019

Below the Dutch staff who make the Cup possible

Cup Organization

Hans Vleugels
Marielle Vleugels
Nancy vd Ham

Dutch Volunteers

Brigitte de Bont
Anouk Dijkstal
Kitty Dirksen
Jose Gram
Gerrit-Jan van der Hoeven
Christien ter Linden
Wout v/d Linden
Ingrid Ooms
Cobus Oosting
Sylvie van Rijst
Monique de Snoo
Martine Toet
Olaf Tompot
Therese van Veen
Erika Vleugels
Janny Vonk
Evelien Vonk
Colinda de Vries
Eric de Vries
Rosanne de Vries
Henk de Vries
Danielle Zwitzer

KNBSB Scorers

Stefan Slinger
Huub Nelissen
Ben Goorts
Jeanette van Drunen

Voluntering Teams

Little League Team: South West Thunders

Previous Results

Cup 2019 Individual Prices

MVP: Kim Donkers
Team: Roef! (NL)

Best Pitcher: Anna Zoulová
Team: Joudrs Praha (CZ)

Best Hitter: Eva Voortman
Team: Olympia (NL)

Cup Team Results

1. Roef! (NL)
2.Terrasvogels (NL)
3. Olympia (NL)

1. Roef! (NL)
2.Terrasvogels (NL)
3. Olympia (NL)

1. Roef! (NL)
2. Talent Team Holland (NL)
3. Terrasvogels (NL)

1. Talent Team Holland U23 (NL)
2. Roef! (NL)
3. Terrasvogels (NL)

1. France
2. Talent Team Holland (NL)
3. Roef! (NL)

1. Terrasvogels (NL)
2. Czech U19 (CZ)
3. Joudrs Praha (CZ)

1. Gryphons (NL)
2. Czech Stars (CZ)
3. Stripes (USA)

1. Gryphons (NL)
2. Joudrs Praha (CZ)
3. Leafs (USA)