Only a few days left

Cup Poster

Only a few days left before the first pitch of the 2016 Cup will be thrown!!!

Of course, the primary focus of the Cup is the players and coaches who will be playing the 49 games during the weekend. But in recent years we have also improved some things for the spectators at the cup, but also for friends and family at home.

– All games will have an online live stream and will be scored online. New at the cup is also live stream off Hall 3 games.

– On Friday night and Saturday afternoon the DJ duo Malos Gentes will provide some tropical dance music.

– All game results and pool standings will be shown and live updated at the information booth

– We are happy to welcome once again My Hair Accessoires who will be selling great hair products on Sunday, see add for examples. Their stand usually attracts quite a lot of attention, especially among the female spectators and players.

– And maybe Eastpro will be present, who will be selling softball and baseball gear.

Malos Gentes

My Hair Accessoires East Pro


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